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日博体育备用, a school founded 和 sustained in the Episcopal tradition, offers an academically challenging curriculum in an environment that reflects the joy 和 peace of Christian values. We welcome motivated 学生 of average 和 above average ability who come from any religious, 种族, 社会, 或者种族群体. Each student 和 family is encouraged by competent 教师 和 工作人员 to participate fully in the spiritual, 运动, 艺术, 和 社会 life of the academic community. As our 学生 grow to appreciate their value to themselves 和 to the school community, they will leave 日博体育备用 with valuable tools for effective learning 和 living.


完成日博体育备用的使命, we are deeply committed to providing a seamless system of education in preschool through 12th grade, 其中包括:
  • A spiritual environment founded 和 sustained in the Episcopal tradition
  • 严格的课程设置
  • A highly qualified 和 caring 教师 和 工作人员
  • 学生与教师的比例较低
  • A commitment to a diverse student body 和 school community
  • A successful program of extracurricular 和 运动 activities that, 就其本质而言, encourages participation from a broad spectrum of the student body
  • A program of exceptional college placement for our graduates
  • An emphasis on character development that promotes a healthful lifestyle 和 that encourages 和 supports honorable 和 ethical decision-making
  • A tradition of service to others that fosters responsible citizenship
  • A variety of opportunities that support 和 sustain active family participation
  • A school culture that promotes stewardship of our Earth’s resources
  • A school culture that acknowledges 和 appreciates the freedoms afforded to the citizens of our country, while recognizing the importance of embracing the larger global community  


校董会, 学生, 教师, 工作人员, 和 families of 日博体育备用 share the vision of an academic community based on the love of God, 自尊, 尊重邻居, 尊重上帝的创造, thus fostering honorable 和 ethical decision-making throughout the entire community. The Holy Trinity community affirms this commitment by demonstrating a strong work ethic, 拥抱他人的独特性, encouraging a spirit of cooperation 和 promoting a sense of fair play.


Living a life of honor is considered the "Holy Trinity Way."  In 1999, a group of 9th grade 学生 collaborated 和 created the honor code which is signed annually by 4th through 12th graders.

"I, as a member of the 日博体育备用 community, do underst和 和 will abide by the values of the spirit of honor: honesty, 完整性, 责任, 体育精神和管理精神."
    • Lower School student carrying the cross during Chapel


HTEA is fully accredited by the Florida Council of Independent Schools 和 Southern Association of 大学s 和 Schools, 和 is a member of National Association of Episcopal Schools, Council for Spiritual 和 Ethical Education, 美国大学教育工作者委员会, National Association of 大学 入学s Counselors, Southern Association of 大学 入学 Counselors, Central Florida Episcopal Schools Association, 和 National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools.
P: 321.723.8323 | F: 321.723.2553

P: 321.723.8323 | F: 321.241.6422
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